Saturday, February 13, 2016


Tonight's the night: the 66th Sanremo festival comes to an end and we will have a winner. A winner that can go on to Stockholm in May to represent Italy in the Eurovision song contest 2016 if he/she/they so wish. Not necessarily with the Sanremo entry, so hold your horses here. In case of a refusal (Elio e Le Storie tese have apparently not interested, Enrico Ruggeri is interested, so are Francesca Michielin and Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato and propably most everyone else but Dolcenera might have schedule problems as she's going to be The Voice coach shortly, and no one knows what Arisa wants anymore...) RAI will select someone else among the Big, most likely the runner up, then the third placed and so on until someone picks it up :-)
But don't expect an announcement tonight nor even a mention of Eurovision. Four nights already and not a word, even if the two contests are linked even in the rules this year. The add for The Voice runs several times a night while the add for Eurovision has been seen only one, on Tuesday night after midnight....
Tonight's guests are Renato Zero, Giuseppe Fiorello (with or without more famous big brother Fiorello), Cristina D'Avena and Roberto Bolle.
The big favorites tonight are Lorenzo Fragola and the duo Caccamo & Iurato, but Michielin is getting hotter and hotter. And yes, the festival passed over 10 million viewers also last night....

Francesco Gabbani, Nuove Proposte winner last night opened the night with his Amen
Il Volo visited via video from New York....
.... Roberto Bolle danced.....
... and Virginia Raffaele is Virginia Raffaele tonight. maybe.
(keep eye on her, she has promised to end her performance with the heart sign to thank all her Eurovision fans!) 
Rocco Hunt - Wake up

23.58 OMG! Finally the add for Eurovision and Carlo Conti telling the fact: The winner goes to Eurovision song contest! (Well, he does say a wrong date May 18 but that's just a detail :-) )
Nicely just before Dolcenera.... (whistful thinking.....)

+ the most televoted out of the bottom 5:
Irene Fornaciari - Blu

00.36. We have heard all the entries finally :-)
The televoting is closed and soon we will know the result from 16th to 4th.
The top-3 will have another round of voting.

Giovanni Caccamo & DeborahIurato
Francesca Michielin

01.09 Stop al televoto!

Standing ovation for the live orchestra!

Award for the best text: Amen- Francesco Gabbani
Award for the best music: Un giorno mi dirai - Stadio
Award Lucio Dalla: Un giorno mi dirai - Stadio
Critic award Big: Cieli immensi - Patty Pravo

3rd: Caccamo & Uirato
2nd: Michielin
1st: Stadio
... now we just have to see who goes to Eurovision? My hope is Stadio says no and Michielin takes the job. Apparently Stadio are not interested :-)

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