Thursday, February 25, 2016


The field is more open than maybe ever in #UMK16, the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm. Early favorites aren't so strong as they should be (to compare last year when PKN scored 60-70% of votes in most every poll).
I already posted about Ilta-Sanomat reader's poll here. Over 25.000 people voted and it finished a tie with Saara Aalto and Eini, both scoring 18%. 
Later this week Iltalehti had similar poll and it finished with Saara Aalto winning with 15,1%. She's closely followed by Sandhja (14,2%) and Barbe-Q-Barbies (13,9%). Both performed in the last semifinal last Saturday while Saara was in the first one three weeks ago. With about 12% right after them we have Cristal Snow, Eini and Mikael Saari. The remaining about 20% is divided by Stella Christine, Annica & Kimmo and Tuuli Okkonen so it's all very close.
If we look at the Spotify hits, Sandhja is the clear winner with 23% in the past few days. Cristal Snow is second with 17% followed by Barbe-Q-Barbies, Mikael Saari while Saara Aalto is only fifth. (This is a good moment to point out she is the pet of tabloid media, especially one of them, that keeps writing about her like if there were no other artists in #UMK16 so her #popularity# might be a bit overblown in real life.) Annica & Kimmo, Stella and Tuuli complete the list while Eini is the last one here, only underlining the fact her fans aren't the ones using Spotify and social medias. Then again, they might be the ones actually pick up the phone and vote come Saturday. The good old fashioned way!
Last but not least .... here is the result of my blog's own little panel that includes besides myself, A Finn, a Irish-Belgian, a Dutch, a Brit and an Italian-Swede. The result is below:
And if we transform the newspaper polls and Spotify plays into points and add them up the result is this:
Eini ties with Sandhja this time, followed by Cristal Snow. Saara is 4th before Kimmo & Annica and Barbe-Q-Barbies. Tuuli Okkonen, Mikael Saari and Stella Christine complete the chart. 

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