Saturday, February 13, 2016


Remember Switzerland who chose it's six finalists in various selections already ages ago? Well, it feels like ages ago but the final's going to be tonight. Six artists and songs are left and all six are going to perform also another song, a cover. What's the purpose of that at this stage if not only to fill in some spare time? I don't know but maybe Swiss television thinks it's a good idea....  Anyways, below are the artists with their songs (and their covers). Oh, and Kaceo present a cleaned up version of their entry without various chiens, putans, culs, nichons, pipes and fucks just to mention a few...
But my vote goes to Vincent. Stanley. Rykka. In that order. 

Vincent Gross - Half a smile
(Astronaut - Sido feat. Andreas Bourani)

Bella C - Another world

Kaceo - Disque d'or

(Photograph - Ed Sheeran)

(Love me like you do - Ellio Goulding)

Stanley Miller - Feel the love
(Hello - Adele)

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