Saturday, February 13, 2016


Denmark is having its final tonight. Ten songs, picked out of 982 submission, will fight for the right to travel to Stockholm under the Danish flag. In two previous occasions when the Eurovision song contest has been held in Sweden Denmark has won.... the pressure is on! This bloggers think there's no fear they will win again, the songs aren't strong enough. This is a bit like #UMK16: good solid entries that are all "nice" but missing that something to make them winners. 
Two rounds voting; first the superfinalists (3) will be chosen by 50-50 televotin/app-jury, then in the superfinal only televoting/app. 

David Jay - Rays of sunlight LIVE
Simone - Heart shaped heart LIVE  3rd
Bracelet - Breakaway LIVE
Sophia Nohr - Blue horizon LIVE
Veronicas Illusion - The wrong kind LIVE
Lighthouse X - Soldiers of love LIVE  1st
Kristel Lisberg - Who needs a heart LIVE
Jessica - Break it good LIVE
Muri & Mario - To hjerter LIVE
Anja Nissen - Never alone LIVE  2nd

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