Saturday, February 13, 2016


ZOË has won the Austria final after two rounds of voting. She wasn't leading after the jury votes but when the televotes were added she was in the superfinal against Elly V and won. This blogger is very happy as Loin d'ici is the best thing I have heard so far this season in any national selection :-)
ORF had put a lot of effort in the staging of the songs, sadly some ideas were such rip offs of Eurovision recent stagings it was a bit embarassing at times..... or did they just recycle their staging programming?
Jury votes:
Bella Wagner: Weapons Down (36 points)
Elly V: I'll Be Around (Bounce) (37 points)
LiZZA: Psycho (32 points)
ZOË: Loin d'ici (28 points)
Sankil Jones: One More Sound (28 points)
Vincent Bueno: All We Need Is That Love (25 points)
Orry Jackson: Pieces In A Puzzle (19 points)
Lia: Runaway (18 points)
AzRaH: The One (16 points)
Céline Roscheck & Farina Miss: Sky Is The Limit (10 points)

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