Saturday, February 20, 2016


The third and last #UMK16 semifinal takes place in YLE's studios in Helsinki. Roope Salminen and Krista Siegfrids - fresh from Melodifestivalen - will be hosting the show, and Raakel Liekki is in charge in the Post-Modulation scene. Chisu will be doing the interval show and one can only wish one day YLE would just skip all UMK and send her off to Eurovision.... 

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Here we go again! Roope's got Krista back and is all kisses and hugs :-) No wonder, she's dressed in pink minidress and long silver boots looking very ding if not even dong! After chat with post-modulators and voting instructions it's party time.....

Starts with a human pyramid and he has his helmet headed dancers and robot musicians and a lot of neon and all that we already know from the video. Visually very entertaining and smooth, vocally a bit less - but then he's been in silence all week thanks to severe throat and voice problems.... Could this be a surprise qualifier? Hmmm....

Tuuli Okkonen - Don't wake me up
She's has Agnetha F make up and hair, rather shaky vocals at some parts, blue dress and the backdrops plays with shadows, then comes rain, and even fire rain. Eurovision cliché at full blast.

Gušani Brothers - Poom poom
Introduction video, fireworks, disco on stage, girls..... it starts off with a bang but then.... the singer loses it completely and just wandrs around with shaky vocals. Such a shame. I expected a lot more. But I still go poom poom poom....

After that we have yet another look back at the Finnish Eurovision history. They are so funny. For Finnish speakers, for the others.... I don't know. Are they?

Barbe-Q-Barbies - Let me out
Solid rock performance with fireworks - and heavily pregnant lead singer but you don't really see that. Catchy and simple and this one should qualify easily. Finns love rock after all.

Krista changed outfit......

Pietarin Spektaakkeli - Liian kuuma
1950's colors and dancing girls, and band. Even more monotonous vocals than in the record. yawn. I sincerely hope Finns won't go for this.....

Sandhja - Sing it away
Simple but colorful and a bit ethnic look and staging for this one. Good vocals, groovy song. This swings it all the way to final easily. She also nailed the presentation video coming across very humble and likable :-)

#umk16 is the number one hashtag in Finland at the moment :-)

The internet prevotes (from Monday to Thursday) would have these qualifiers: Tuuli Okkonen, Barbe-Q-barbies and Sandhja.....
Let's see if there will be any changes tonight. In the first semi Eini managed to qualify ahead of ClemSo but in the second the result was the same......
And if you wonder the Finnish 49 previous Eurovision choices before..... this explains it all. Live with it. Get over it.
Last week Robin did Huilumies, now Chisu brings Tipitii to the 2010's
Before moving on to her own Tähdet, tähdet
The finalists are:
Tuuli Okkonen and.....

Already qualified for the final:

Saara Aalto - No fear
Stella Christine - Ain't got time for boys
Eini - Draamaa
Cristal Snow - Love is blind
Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom - Good enough
Mikael Saari - On it goes

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