Sunday, February 21, 2016


After two heats the 20 songs became eight, and tonight the eight become four for next weeks' final. Once again the televoters will send two songs to the final, and then the jury will pick up too from the raimaining ones. In the final there will be only televoting/internet voting.
Pretty good selection this year but one shines high above the others: Justs. He's just perfect and sings the song live even better than in studio. Something we can't say sadly of Markus Riva. My second favorite is MyRadiantU. As long as these three make the final I'm happy. And Justs wins in the end.

Update: A lot of drama here, too. First Samanta Tina withdraws after her performance and in the end hot favorite Markus Riva fails to qualify. Tbh he wasn't that good this year. Sad but true. The finalist are Justs and Catalepsia thanks to the televotes, MyRadiantU and Marta Ritova thanks to judges. Winning will be even easier for Justs now. And I'm happy MyRadiantU made it, too :-)

Markus Riva - I can (LIVE)
MyRadiantU - We will be stars (LIVE)
Marta Ritova - Not from this world (LIVE)
Samanta Tina - The love is forever (LIVE)
Justs - Heartbeat (LIVE) (Unblugged)
Catalepsia -Damnation (LIVE)
Marta Grigale - Choices (LIVE)
Ivo Grisninš Grislis – We Are the Light (LIVE)

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