Sunday, February 14, 2016


The 66th Sanremo festival has come to an end - so to speak, this afternoon the mystery regarding the Euovision participation will be revealed and the afternoon and early evening of Rai1 is still filled with talk shows an entertainment straight from Teatro Aroston with the singers - and what a success it has been!
The final final scored a 52% share and an average of 11.222.128 viewers. The first part of the show was watched an avereage of 12.695.000 (48,76) and the second part in early hours still by 8.712.000 (64,89%). The peaks scored over 13,5 million viewers (Clementino, Patty Pravo, guest Cristina D'Avena)
Over 600.000 tweets during the final and 2,7 million total. A typical tweetter? A male under 34.

And if you wondered the costs. This festival has costed 15,5 million euros (0,5 less than last year) but the income from sponsors and tickets etc is over 21 million euros so RAI gets +6,5 milion euros from the woe affair minimum. EBU, take note.

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