Saturday, February 13, 2016


The second semifinal on February 13 works just like the first one. Six acts and three will be televoted to the final and it all takes place at YLE's studios in Helsinki. Many returns in this one from Cristal Snow to Mikael Saari and Kimmo Blom aka Angelo de Nile. Also last year's Pihja ja Myrsky returns as songwriters to Attention 2, as does Jimi Constantine from Euroviisut 2011, today the man behind megasuper popular Robin. And there's that obstrusive fan team as songwriters. And the song blamed of plagiarism..... And finally a couple of the most succesful and famous Finnish dancemusic producers Kaivo and JS16. 

Attention 2 - Ready for the show 
(Henna Helasvuo, Lasse Turunen/Lasse Turunen) Review
Cristal Snow - Love is blind 
(Cristal Snow, Jimi Constantine, Samuel Kovanko) Review
Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom - Good enough 
(Michael James Down, Primoz Pogladen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Matthew Ker) Review
Rafaela Truda - Rise up 
(Kalle Mäkipelto, Olli-Matti Kalliosaari, Rafaela Truda/Olli-Matti Kalliosaari, Rafaela Truda) Review
Ylona - Blazing fire
(Tero 'Kaivo' Kaikkonen, Jaakko 'JS16' Salovaara/Tero 'Kaivo' Kaikkonen, Ylona) Review
Mikael Saari - On it goes 
(Mikael Saari) Review

In YLE's video previews Cristal Snow won the whole thing, and Mikael Saari and Annica & Kimmo came 3rd and th in overall, so these three were their favorites for final.
Finnish fan forum clearly sends Mikael and Annica & Kimmo to the final, while Cristal and Rafaela fight for the third place.
The international forum also agrees; Annica & Kimmo, Mikael and Cristal to the final but then this is the most fan wanked semifinal of them all - let's see what the television viewers think. Are we in for surprises?
In my little poll the top-3 is Cristal Snow, Annica & Kimmo and Rafaela Truda as well for our preferences but who do we think will qualify is a mess; the same three get two votes, but all the others get one vote, too....

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