Friday, February 12, 2016


Mikael Saari is back after being the fan favorite in 2013 when he finished second. Back then he was just starting his solo career as singer/songwriter, that hasn't really progressed since as he prefers to be in a band and in various projects, doing musicals and music theater etc. But his debut album is finally being released this year. He wrote his song in a break during a performance when doing musical in Oulu after he had been asked to take part again. Once again he's a hot fan favorite, but what did our review panel think?

Blogilkar: I was as excited as anyone when he was announced as one of the artists for #umk16, and even after the short snippet YLE released (but still wondering if it's him or not). Then the whole song was out and as much as I wanted to like it I find it just irritating, pretendous overdramatic nonsense, not having even a hint of the greatness and true emotions he managed to ooze into We should be through, that was rather breathtaking moment in the first performance in his pullover. One of the #umk16 songs that I don't really want to listen at all once he starts to scream towards the end. Meh. Shame. 1/5

Jack: He came 2nd in 2013 and this time Mikael's hoping to go one better. Will he succeed? I don't think so but would love to be proved wrong. It is another amazing effort but I did prefer 'We Should Be Through'. It's very theatrical. If Finland does opt for this, I can see it doing very well in Stockholm. 4/5

Peter: A song that has a corny factor which I find difficult to ignore. It would be more at home in a depressing musical, the melody seems to have been thrown together without any consideration as to whether the various components actually fit together. 2/5

Robert: Mikael is over the top with this song. Of course we were all very excited that he is back in the UMK after being the fan favorite 2 years ago, but this song does nothing to me and Mikael is overdoing it as a singer. Pity. 1/5

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