Sunday, February 14, 2016


After Stadio turned down the offer "We would love to but can't due to our coming tour" it's the runner up and fan favorite Francesca Michielin flying the Italian flag in Stockholm 2016 Eurovision. The song hasn't been confirmed yet as Nessun grado di separazione. If you wonder what it is all about: There's this theory we all are linked by six degrees of separation. She says we are not separated, thus No degree of separation. Her latest album was released in October 2015 so most songs on it are also possible entries :-)

Update 21.05: It seems the song has been confirmed as well :-)
Francesca (21) won Italian X Factor at the age of 16. Her biggest hits include Cigno nero and Magnifico with rapper Fedez,  Her singles include L'amore esiste, Distrutto, Sola, Tutto quello che ho, Se cadrai. Battito di ciglia and Lontano. She's a fan of Eurovision and her big wish was to get to Stockholm!
She has also collaborated with Alice and Franco Battiato :-)

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