Saturday, February 13, 2016


Estonia's turn to kick off their national selection tonight. Over the past few years Eesti laul has become one of the most alternative and interesting national selections around usually not giving a damn what's "Eurovision-like" featuring all kind of music and acts. Who wins in the end is another matter but at least they're not afraid of showcasing the independent and alternative scene for the masses. Some familiar names trying again, among them Laura who has been close to winning already a few times - is it her turn finally? I'm not even trying to guess who will qualify here.....But my votes go to Laura and Indrek at this point.  Five will qualify for the final thanks to 50-50 televote-jury. 

Love a Little Bit - The Jingles Live
Seis - Mick Pedaja  FINAL Live
Hispaania tüdruk - Indrek Ventmann Live
Immortality - Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid FINAL Live
Lonely Boy - Kéa  FINAL Live
Kaugel Sinust - Kati Laev ja Noorkuu FINAL Live
How Many Times - Zebra Island Live
Supersonic - Laura FINAL Live
Salty Wounds - Windy Beach Live

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