Monday, February 15, 2016


Tuuli Okkonen is no stranger to UMK as she already participated back in 2012 with her Leola band. She also did The Voice of Finland finishing 3rd/4th when last year's UMK participant Siru won. She's Eurovision fan as is her song writing team. Desoite all that her singing career hasn't still quite went anywhere and as dayjob she's a hairdresser and school photographer. Will she finally make it?


Blogilkar: This song to me is like Good enough. Polished, very Eurovisionesque, well sung and produced. And extremely dull and uninteresting. I hope she oozes emotion and real feeling when singing it live (something Annica & Kimmo didn't) as like it is on studio version it's just pleasantly in in one ear and out from the other without any trace.... 2/5

Jack: Firstly, I have to say that the video-clip is amazing!! And Tuuli's effort is really good - I don't think it's a winner but she can do well. If she nails the live performance, maybe she'll be one to watch though. Maybe. 3/5

Peter: ) The   opening is good, the buildup is very promising. Tuuli has a nice voice, wow,   very nice chorus. Not sure how it will go down in the hall. I'm sure this   will get through to the final, and will be a direct competitor to Annica and   Kimmo. The staging will be the determinator.4/5

Robert: I really like this song alot. Great composition, build up, good voice. If she delivers it well, she could go straight to the final. 4/5

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