Friday, February 12, 2016


Sanremo 2016 has the highest ratings in 11 years for the first three nights! We are at 49,7% share at the moment. Even the DopoFestival or AfterShow that takes on where the festival ends with artists and journalists present in a live talk show is gaining audience night after night. 
Sanremo is a success also on social medias. The first two nights generated over 550.000 tweets and last night 517.000 for the total of 1,7 million tweets these thre nights.
The comedian Virginia Raffaele is becoming the queen of this edition with her imitations, last night it was turn of Donatella Versace and she was simply amazingly funny and on spot. The original Donatelly tweeted her approval (as have done carla Fracci and Sabrina Ferilli the previous nights) and wants to hire her to do her job so she can have more free time....
Thursday night in Sanremo was the covers night, the one that is made for pure entertainment and killing time and has nothing to do with the competition really even if there was a voting and even an award was given (to Stadio for reasons this blogger don't want to understand if not the display of photo of late Lucio Dalla in the backdrop). 
But the success continues: 10.462.000 viewers in average and 47,88% share. The duo Caccamo & Iurato was the most watched (14.147.318). I wonder if they all just wanted to see what she was wearing? Then follows Dolcenera (13.824.134) and Zero Assoluto (13.358.177). The leat watched were Ruggeri (8,4 million), Annalisa (8,2)  and Stadio (6,8). Yet Stadio won! And Annalisa continues with her trend of low ratings..... Strange. 

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