Monday, February 15, 2016


What would the national selection season be without a review by Peter Clancy, already a Blogilkar tradition! He reviews the songs in the Finnish national selection #UMK2016. First semifinals, then the final once the finalists are out and later on this spring also the Eurovision song contest entries as well. Hopefully! Here is the Semifinal three of #UMK2016. Enjoy! (semifinal one here and semifinal two here)
Lieminen - Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
Ok, good song, but not sure that this will go anywhere, it's a bit on the old   fashioned side and the melody is REALLY boring. The copycat dancers is a bit   over the top, and for that alone he gets low marks from me. 2/5

Tuuli Okkonen - Don't Wake Me Up
The opening is good, the buildup is very promising. Tuuli has a nice voice, wow,   very nice chorus. Not sure how it will go down in the hall. I'm sure this will get through to the final, and will be a direct competitor to Annica and Kimmo. The staging will be the determinator. 4/5 Q

Gusani Brothers - Poom Poom
Well, I   like the build up, but not sure that the song is that good. It seems very   mainstream, and not that good. Not sure how it will appeal to the Finnish   audience though. We have had surprises before. 3/5

Barbe-Q-Barbies - Let Me Out
This is likely to appeal to the Finnish audience going by their choices in the past,   and it's not a bad song. Though it would be unlikely to do well at the Eurovision if it gets through. On the other hand I can imagine a good stage   show on this. But it does suffer a bit from repetition. 3/5 Q

Pietarin Spektaakkeli - Liian Kuuma
One word comes to mind when listening to this … NO … so please Finland, don't send this song. Look what happened the UK last year … as a fun song, its not bad though 2/5

Sandhja - Sing It Away
Another manufactured song, aiming to mimic that imaginary winning template… but it's just not strong enough 3/5 Q

Finally, another set of songs from Finland and one will go through to Stockholm. My personal favourite is Good Enough - I just hope that Finland thinks so too :-)

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