Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today's big exciting news turned out to be ... well. exciting? Maybe. Yes. Revolutionary? Nah. In a way it's just adopting the Melodifestivalen (and a few other national selections have used similar way, too, I recall) reults giving system and all in all, I guess it's fine.
In short, the juries vote and rank the songs as always. Their votes are given out the usual way with the points given out by national spokespersons. The only difference here is that now on thye will only announce the 12 points (instead of the 8,10 and 12 as before) while the votes from 1 to 10 will appear on scoreboard. For this we can only blame the hundreds of spokespersons over the years who despite strickt rules and time limits preferred this on sceeen time to compliment the hosts how amazing the show was and bla bla bla. When you hear it for the 27th time you want to vomit. Not to mention other nonsense that has been said and done in those precious moments (Sakis tsaziki comes to mind....)
And after that round we have the partial result. The most voted entry by juries is leading and so on.
Then we start adding the full sum of votes given out by the televoters. if a song has been favored by the televoters it will climb up the scoreboard, if not the other will drop it one by one. 
In short: In 2015 Sweden would be leading, Latvia second, Russia 3rd, Australia 4th, Belgium 5th and Italy outside top-5 6th. When we add the televotes Italy scored the highest and would have been announced last keeping the suspense a bit longer, but would only end up 3rd 11 points behind Russia, second in the televotes, and way behind Sweden. Sweden would have been announced third last being third in televotes, and we would be all biting our nails wondering if it's enough to keep it winning (when both Russian and Italian scores were still to be announced....) In theory.
All this said, and without taking account the combined votes last year it will also change the total number of votes. Sweden would have still won but Italy would have surpassed Russia and placed 2nd. And most likely some other changes would have been there but I let the others do the math.
So it goes. As long as they don't touch the 12 points thingy, all is fine by me. 

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