Friday, February 26, 2016


UK and BBC are staging a national final for the first time in years and six songs are in the running.There will be televoting/internet voting only. 
Joe and Jake - You're not alone
They met whe auditioning for The Voice. They both also got three chairs turning. Joe is 21, Jake 20. Joe used to be a rapper but luckily dropped that career. Their song is nice little pop tune for radio. Harmless.
Bianca - Shine a little light
Bianca used to be in a girlband, now she gets a song from Leona Lewis. She can play cello - sadly not in this number - and is an Elton John scholarship winner as a teenager. Her song is another radio friendly one. Something the other national finals all over Europe are filled with - usually sung by broken English though so this is a bit of a relief to listen to.
Dulcima - When you go
Dulcma are singer-songwriters Tomas Twyman and Dulcima Showan. They met and started singing together in 2011. Their song starts nicely when Tom sings alone, then Dulcima joins and it become some random country song until the bridge whe it all goes marching. No sorry. No.
Matthew James: A better man
He was in the 90's boyband Bad Boys Inc. Today he's again in a band, Madhen. He'll have his next birthday on Eurovision final day, so he'll be either busy on stage or at home crying. His song is... a radio friendly pop tune thant comes and goes wothout much of a trace.
Darline - Until tomorrow
Darline are Cára (18) and Abby (20). They have supported The Shires on gigs (the country band I secretly hoped for Eurovision). They have grown up watching Eurovision so they are very excited about it. For this blogger this is IT. Catchy lovely country pop ballad. If they deliver on stage this could become UK's best placing since... well Katrina. If all falls apart. UK people be wise: THIS IS IT!
Karl William Lund - Miracle
Model who can moolwalk Karl William (29) started writing his entry in 2012. Now it's ready. Maybe he should have spend some more time with it as it's not going anywhere really.

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