Sunday, February 14, 2016


Lieminen is not know to great public but seems to enjoy fame in the Helsinki hipster quarters (a bit like Stig in his days) but he's not a newcomer to making music. He's been around 20 years playing in different bands doing everything from heavy to blues besides working in studios as sound engineer, making music for ads and television, being pizza delivery boy and teaching music. He describes his solo music as urban pop and his participation here is based on a joke last year. He says he's not huge Eurovision fan but enjoys all the side effects of it: tolerance and acceptance and loves to watch the fans getting all excited for it. His Eurovision memory is Kojo's Nuku pommiin and says he respect anyone who dares to sing it today seriously (Ed.note: I wonder what he thought of Robin's cover last night, ha ha!)

Blogilkar: Somehow I like this one. A lot Sebastien Tellier in a way. Curiously waiting for the stage presentation. And his live vocals and charisma. No idea how Finns will react to this. If there were local juries the Helsinki jury would give him 12, especially all the Monte Rosso hipsters. I'm not one so I give just 4/5

Jack: Maybe this one could've done well in the 1980's. Or maybe not. I don't like this song one bit and I think he'll struggle to qualify. Sorry. 1/5

Peter: Ok, good song, but not sure that this will go anywhere, it's a bit on the old fashioned side and the melody is REALLY boring. The copycat dancers is a bit over the top, and for that alone he gets low marks from me. 2/5

Robert: I like these kind of songs and I'd like to see more of them on Eurovision stage. On the other hand this version is still missing something to make it really catchy. 3/5

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