Thursday, February 25, 2016


Germany has its final Unser Lied für Stockholm tonight, now let's see how that ends! Last year the winner decided second after winning it wasn't a good idea after all and gave his trophy to runner up who went on to score null points in Eurovision. Then they chose internally Xavier Naidoo to represant Germany this year, who was then forced to withdraw within days..... #Draamaa!
There will be two rounds of televoting; first all of them and then the top-3 will be revoted. 
Among the artists we have opera rocker Tobias Sammert, the Gregorian chants just before their farewell tour, the most recent The Voice of Germany winner Jamie-Lee and among authors the comeback of Ralph Siegel to the German national selection after his adventures elsewhere, most notably in San Marino the past four years. 
Variety of styles and I won't even try to guess who will win..... Apparently Jamie-Lee is the one to beat, but how awesome Gregorian would be? Or Siegel kicking some ass again? A real slap in the face of German Eurovision people over the past ten years or so (and the fandom)
Check out the videos after the jump!

Avantasia (Tobias Sammet) - Mystery of a blood red rose
Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied
Ella Endlich - Adrenalin
Gregorian - Masters of chant (Listen full version here)
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost
Joco - Fullmoon
Keoma - Protected
Laura Pinski - Under the sun we are one
Luxuslärm - Solange Liebe in mir wohnt
Woods of Birnam - Lift me up (from the underground)

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