Monday, February 15, 2016


Italian Eurovision 1984 entrants Alice and Franco Battiato have been colaborating on and off since 1980 in various albums, songs and occasional live performancs together, especially in the 2010's. But now, nearly four decades later they are touring together for the very first time. The joint affair seems them doing their solo songs, joining for their duets and a few other songs. This is manna from heaven for their fans and needless to stay the long Italian tour is pretty much sold out beforehand (so far 22 ou of 32 concerts). The anteprima concert took place in Carpi on February 13. There might (and I think should) be changes to the track list that you can see after the jump. The tour starts for real from Trieste tonight.
The track list:
Franco Battiato:
L'era del cinghiale bianco
Lo spirito degli abissi
No time no space
Le nostre anime
Shock in my town
Povera patria
La canzone dei vecchi amanti
Alice & Franco Battiato:
La realtà non esiste
Tutto l'universo obbedisce all'amore
Prospettiva Nevski*
Dammi la mano amore
Tante belle cose
Il vento caldo dell'estate
Per Elisa
Il sole nella pioggia
Alice & Franco Battiato:
Franco Battiato:
La cura**
La stagione dell'amore
E ti vengo a cercare
Summer on a solitary beach*
Gli uccelli*
Segnali di vita*
Centro di gravità permanente
Bandiera bianca. 
Franco Battiato & Alice:
Sentimento nuevo
Franco Battiato:
Io chi sono. 
Alice & Franco Battiato:
I treni di Tozeur*
Franco Battiato:
Stranizza d'amuri! 

(Where is their other duet Chanson egocentrique?)
* recorded by both over the years
**Alice has been singing this live

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