Saturday, February 27, 2016


Sweden's Melodifestivalen has reached the last semifinal before Second chance round and the final. Two big fan favorites here; Molly and Linda, one Eurovision veteran Martin and a couple of Melodifestivalen veterans: Dolly Style and Panetoz. After the leak fiasco with Molly's song all the others were published too for 24 hrs or something similarly stupid. Watching the rehearsal snippets it looks like Panetoz and Linda have just recycled their previous stagings if not the song, too, and Martin makes me only sing along to Whiter shade of pale.... I don't care who qualifies as I will hardly ever listen to any of these again but it would be kinda amusing if Martin and Frans would qualify. Or Eclipse just for the fun of it. Melodifestivalen 2016 has been a real Mehfestival. 

Eclipse - Runaways 5th
Dolly Style - Rollercoaster 2ND CHANCE
Martin Stenmarck - Du tar mig tillbaks 6th
Linda Bengtzing - Killer girl 7th
Frans - If I were sorry FINAL
Panetoz - Håll om mig hårt 2ND CHANCE
Molly Sanden - Youniverse FINAL

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