Monday, February 15, 2016


SVT has revealed today the stage design for Stockholm Globen Eurovision song contest 2016 in May. It is designer by Frida Arvisson and Viktor Brattström, the same team that did also Malmö 2013. And it wouldn't be a Swedish Eurovision without something new and unseen before: this time it's a LED wall in a new way; it's "broken" and the artists can move inside it creating optical illusions leaving people wonder if it is possible at all what they are seeing. This kind of stage gives almost unlimeted possibilities, the only limit is one's imagination and it will be very challenging but also inspiring for the acts to come up ideas how to use it the best way possible.
The lighting effects play a major role this year and it's more about design that effects to give it all a softer look and less pixeled. Something we haven't seen before. So they say and we will see in May. 

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Aleksi Airaksinen said...

Amazing stage!

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