Saturday, February 13, 2016


Here we are ready for the second semifinal. It's an open field and live will be crucial. Let's see what happens.... Krista is cometing in melodifestivalen tonight so Roope is hosting alone I suppose. And Robin will be guest starring.
Oh Krista is there! Or is she?
Modulator Raakel Liekki reminds she's indeed competing in Sweden. That's all we have got so far. If someone watching doesn't know the facts he might be a bit confused right now...

Attention 2 - Ready for the show
Flying flags and neoncolors and cartoon backdrops. Imperfections they sing and ... well, imperfections fly like the flags but the girls have fullfilled their dream. They are quite sweet but maybe they better come back next year :-) <3 p="">
Roope finally explains the Krista affair and yes, he will be hosting alone tonight
Cristal Snow - Love is blind
Cristal takes the red bulls by hors in his staging. Hot red bull masks and despite some inperfections here, too, in the beginning he rocks towards the end of the song and yes, he did it. Living for love. This is sailing to the final easily, and who knows... all the way to Stockholm?
In the post performance interview he says he "sung for his life".
Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom - Good enough
Very dark staging with a play of mirrors underlining the fact this is just a bit too inspired by a certain danish entry. Excellent vocals but .... meh. No. Not for me. But this will qualify anyways.
Rafaela Truda - Rise up
She starts on top of a human pyramid and then the choreograohy goes on in this dance act. Her vocals start fine but towards the end she's a bit lost I suppose. And after 3 minutes she's out of breath. But this a borderline qualifier. Great sax!
She doesn't speak Finnish.
Ylona - Blazing fire
She's been trapped in that birdcage so long they didn't have time to wash her hair. For the rest she looks and sounds stunning. Come fireworks and the cage is broken and she's free to chase her Eurovision dream. Excellent vocals and this song is so much better without the disturbing video. Icing on the cake the wings! I want this to qualify!
Mikael Saari - On it goes
Mikael is on stage with one dancer who's miming the words as well. It's the artsy kind of dance than engages him at times, too. He's looking handsome and talented, and as much as I want to like him and his song, it does nothing to me. Yawn. #Ideal-son-in-law

Krista has performed in Mello and it seems it went great. Or so Roope tells us :-)
Mikael jokes about having a rematch with Krista in Globen :-)

The inserts about Finnish Eurovision history ae so funny

The prevote during the week qualifiers are Cristal, Mikael and Annica/Kimmo. Not surprising at all.
OMG. Enter Robin. OMG he does Huilumies (1980, last place)
Before doing into his own latest hit of how the eskimos kiss...
with Sanni

Time for results...
Mikael Saari
Annica and Kimmo

All as predicted. Sigh

Watch all the performances here

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