Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Gušani Brothers or Sami (21), Irfan (19) and Meho (20) are originally from Croatia but live in Finland and Turku since ten years. And they play the part being Turku hipsters and talking the local dialect. Another reason to like them :-) They are still young and they do all their music themselves so this is their first major appearance. They do melodic EMD and have sung in Croatia, Finnish, Albania, Serbian and English but now will stick to English and club oriented EMD. They watch Eurovision every year and their favorites vary from Molitva to Hard rock hallelujah
Now we only have to see if Finns are ready to party come Saturday night, and will the lead singer Irfan "cougar magnet" eyes work? Poom poom poom..... And yes, this could become an international summer hit - you know one of those annoying ones that play on beaches and clubs and you are sick and tired of but secretly like anyways.... And years alter will bring you back to that summer in your memories.... 


Blogilkar: Well, what to say? I LOVE this. As I have been giving votes on this round based on my own liking instead of Eurovision suitability this gets a straight 5. Some say this is repetitve too many poom pooms but I think this go on like a train and I think it's even too short. I could go on poom pooming an extra minute or two... Poom poom.... My only concern is how they will do live but come Saturday and we will know better. I'm hoping for a pleasant surprise! 5/5

Jack: This song is such a guilty pleasure. I shouldn't like it, I don't want to like it.... yet I love it!!! 'Poom Poom' is so catchy, so cute and I'd love for them to represent Finland however I do think it's very unlikely. This entry could become an international summer hit. Oh, what the hell? I'm giving these guys a 5/5!

Peter: Well, I like the build up, but not sure that the song is that good. It seems very mainstream, and not that good. Not sure how it will appeal to the Finnish  audience though. We have had surprises before. 3/3

Robert: First of all catchy. It has a great beat but then I said it all. It's forgettable, a bit simple but pleasant 3/5

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