Saturday, February 27, 2016


Moldova's O melodie pentru Europa 2016 comes to the final tonight. Sixteen songs survived the two semifinals earlier this week (here and here). There will be 50-50 televote and expert jury.
I haven't really listened so much of these and have no real favorite so I'm only hoping they will pick up something decent.... and I don't mean something irresistible made in Sweden but something more authentic like Uzun. 

Valentin Uzun - Mine
Maxin Zavidia - La la love
Doinita Gherman - Irresistibile
Lidia Isac - Falling stars
Big Flash Sound - Cand vrei
Che-MD - Voda e cu noi
Andrei Ionita & Onoffrei - Lie
Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea band - Picture of love
Nadia Mosneagu - Memories
Rodica & Ivan Aculov - Stop lying
Emilia Russu - I'm not the same
DoReDos - Funnyfolk
Max Fall feat Vozniuc Dan & Molloy - Game lOVER
Valeria Pasa - Save love
Felicia Dunaf - You and me

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