Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Barbe-Q-Barbies has been around since 2002 and has released three albums so far. They say they don't follow trends but do music they feel like, all from acoustic ballads to pure rock. They have played with WASP and New York Dolls, Bam Margera says they are "propably the best all-girl rock band ever". They are loud. Proud. Play dirty rock. After important rock clubs and festivals they are ready to step into the Globen glitterball and kick some ass.

Blogilkar: Well, Finns love rock and do it well. This is the only rock song in #umk16 and could benefit from that. But then it's also very likable - shame the lead singer won't be pregnant anymore in Stockholm should they get that far .-) - so I suppose this flies to the final and could end up winning it, too. And if so, at this point they are also the only rock song in Stockholm - as they would wipe the floor with Ivan's effort from Belarus. 4/5

Jack: 'Let Me Out' is pretty damn epic. I can hear hints of Halestorm in this song and that is defiantly not a bad thing. We need some rock in Eurovision, don't you think?! The chorus is fabulous. I really hope she will make the final and do well there. 4/5

Peter: This is likely to appeal to the Finnish audience going by their choices in the past, and it's not a bad song. Though it would be unlikely to do well at the   Eurovision if it gets through. On the other hand I can imagine a good stage   show on this. But it does suffer a bit from repetition. 3/5

Robert: Wooo, I like this one, too. This #umk16 semi3 is strong so far. Finland is rock and this one's very much eatable, not too heavy and has a great melody line. And I always like a bit of a wild women 4/5

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