Thursday, February 18, 2016


Pietarin Spektaakkeli is Pietari Kiviharju, Tyko Haapala and Mitja Tuurala. Peitari has played anarchic folk, garage punk, punk rock, blues, rap.... and then he comes up with this. With his spectakle he plays schlager, jazz, reggae, ska, rock, rap... anything. They entered #umk16 with this schlager swing to gain notoriety. His Eurovision favorites include Riki Sorsa and Sonja Lumme and if they get to Stockholm he promises to keep his shirt on. Wahtever that means.... 

Blogilkar: I was shocked when this scored second most votes in the preview show's televoting. It would be such a shame if this kind of thing would win when we have some great stuff in the selection. Well, maybe and hopefully it was just an oddity. This just isn't cool enough no matter what they say themselves. This would be pretty much #umk15 - the sequel for me. 1/5

Jack: I think this is possibly the worst song in UMK. There's nothing positive I can say about this entry. It's dated, boring.. defiantly not a worthy representative of Finland. 1/5

Peter: One word comes to mind when listening to this … NO … so please Finland, don't send this song. Look what happened the UK last year … as a fun song, its not bad though 2/5

Robert: Normally I like this genre, but this does nothing to me. Maybe it's the monotone voice of the singer. What a pity 1/5

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