Saturday, February 06, 2016


Host country kicks off its six week Melodifestivalen marathon tonight. Can they pull out another Eurovision winner? Who will take the metro to Globen from home instead of travelling to somewhere else? Fans are having multiple orgasms just because it's Sweden but let's calm down: it's only a national selection like any other.... The first semi is filled with songs in Swedish, the comeback gone wrong by Anna Book, superfavorite Ace Wilder and even two male duos.....
And after hearing the rehearsal clips all I can say is Yawn. So much for so little. Really. It will be a great show for sure but.... well, Robin B sounded a bit promising though.

Samir & Viktor - Bada nakna (2nd Chance)
Pernilla Andersson - Mitt guld 6th
Mimi Werner - Ain't no good 5th
Albin & Matias - Rik (2nd Chance)
Anna Book - Himmel för två
Robin Bengtsson - Constellation prize (FINAL)
Ace Wilder - Don't worry (FINAL)

Anna Book was disqualified once the rehearsal snippets were published. It didn't take long for the fans to recognize the songs nearly identical to Felicia Dubaf's Taking care of a broken heart from Moldovan national selection 2014. And guess what? The same songwriters so ..... maybe it's time for SVT also add in the MF rules book the fact that the song cannot be or cannot have been sent to any other country's national final, a rule that is in action for example in Finland's UMK. 
Fans wondering how come SVT didn't notice that earlier I can only wonder how come certain fans think SVT people would care about some random Moldovan selections? I feel sorry for Anna but cannot not enjoy the slap in the face of the songwriters who are the real stupidos here. Don't try telling you didn't know all the 40 shortlisted songs were published - or if you didn't, it only shows how much you care about some random Moldovan selection you send songs to.... Maybe they better stick to their own country's selections only. And that goes to every composer and author all over Europe: Stock to your own nation, please!

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