Monday, February 01, 2016


¡Objetivo Eurovisión! That's what's happening in Spain tonight when they will choose their entry for Stockholm 2016 Eurovision song contest. Six songs, televote and jury of Eurovision winner Loreen from Sweden (sharing sonwriters with Xuso so how fair that is remains to be seen...), last year's Spanish represant Edurne (also sharing the same songwriter with Xuso, tsk tsk) and Carlos Marin of Il Divo (I suppose they couldn't get Il Volo...) will decide who goes to Stockholm for Spain. Barei is already topping the iTunes chart in Spain and has become the biggest fan favorite, too.
This is easily the best Spanish national final since forever and I could live with any song really, even with the corniest one (Victorious) and the one that inspires me the least (Dias de alegria) but let's see how they do live. My hopes are on Maverick and Barei.

Maverick - Un mondo más feliz
Barei - Say Yay!
Xuso Jones - Victorious
Salvador Betrán - Dias de alegria
Maria Isabel - La vida sólo es una
Electric Nana - Now

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