Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Hurray, sing la la la, say yay yay yay, Barei won the Spanish national final with her fun and catchy performance also beating vocally most of the others. Xuso wasn't victorious in the end, big sign of relief for that. RTVE had quite a nice if simple show that did the job. The opening and interval acts were a lot of fun, the competing songs were heard a zillion times and all in all it almost run also the time it was ment to. All is fine. Gracias Spain.
Curiously international juries preferred Salvador Beltran, but the Spanish televoters left him last and also the jurors Loreen, Marin and Edurne put him last or second to last while they all preferred Barei. But then again, Barei was also international jury's second favorite.

1. Barei - Say yay! 114
2. Xuso Jones - Victorious  94
3. Salvador Beltran - Dias de alegria  72
4. Maria Isabel - La vida solo es una  68
5. Maverick - Un mundo mas feliz  66
5. Electric Nana - Now  66

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