Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Annica Milán and Kimmo Blom both are already television talent search veterans and have been in Idols, The Voice and Kimmo also did #UMK15 as Angelo De Nile. Together they have also done musical theater and performing together since some time. 
Annica tried her luck in The Voice 2013 where she was kicked out in the battle stage by Suvi Aalto, Saara's sister. Before that did Idols 2008 and didn't reach the final seven. In between she has won a random talent contest Palatsin tähti 2011. 
Kimmo has been singing in many bands, and particiated with Boys of the Band in Euroviisut 2010, and then as mentioned before as Angelo De Nile in UMK last year. He has been backing singer to many heavy bands, played Freddie Mercury in The Show must go on musical, He has also written songs to countless artists over the years. 
Apparently they are alos romantically involved so are we witnessing the birth of rock Al Bano & Romina Power here? Maybe.....
Blogilkar: This seems to be the favorite to beat. I find it rather anemic, standard Eurovision by numbers song - and no wonder if you look who wrote it. Calculated and uninteresting saved only by two good singers. If they lack chemistry on stage or overdo it it's going to be pathetic. I can't but think In a moment like this, but then I never liked that one either.... 1/5

Jack: I actually got goosebumps when I heard this song for the first time.. I love the lyrics. Their voices work perfect together and I would be delighted to see Finland select them. 5/5

Peter: Ok, now we're talking, this song is really good, variation, a good  duet, complimentary voices. Captivating chorus that stays in my head afterwards. The song itself has a solid melody and nice format. 4/5

Robert: Great voices and also a strong ballad. I like it a lot. Looking forward to their live performance 4/5

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