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What would the national selection season be without a review by Peter Clancy, already a Blogilkar tradition! He reviews the songs in the Finnish national selection #UMK2016. First semifinals, then the final once the finalists are out and later on this spring also the Eurovision song contest entries as well. Hopefully! Here is the Semifinal two of #UMK2016. Enjoy! (semifinal one here)

Attention 2 - Ready for The Show
Ok, it looks like a "fun" song, but it's got very little variation and seems a bit on the corny side. Personally it does nothing for me, even the chorus is boring. Not exactly ground breaking, actually pretty dismal  2/5

Cristal Snow - Love Is Blind
I don't know if they're going blindly for the gay vote, maybe they are, but I'm   missing something and I'm not sure how well this will be performed on stage.   The song itself has little variation in it, though it's not as boring as it could be. It has potential depending on the other songs, but it's not a favourite.  3/5

Annica Milan & Kimmo Blom - Good Enough
Ok, now we're talking, this song is really good, variation, a good duet, complimentary voices. Captivating chorus that stays in my head afterwards. The song itself has a solid melody and nice format. 4/5 Q

Rafaela Truda - Rise Up
The playful intro is good, leading to a strong melody, reminding me of a song Turkey might enter. I find the chorus a bit repetitive, but other than that this is a strong song, good radio possibilities and sung by an attractive and talented performer. 4/5 Q

Ylona - Blazing Fire
Ylona goes straight to the song and the buildup is good. The melody is a bit monotonous though which could go against it. The chorus doesn't seem to go anywhere though I do like the pause before the final encore of the chorus. I hope she does more on stage than she does on the video. 3/5 Q

Mikael Saari - On It Goes
A song that has a corny factor which I find difficult to ignore. It would be more at home in a depressing musical, the melody seems to have been thrown together   without any consideration as to whether the various components actually fit   together. 2/5

Definitely an improvement on the first round. So far it has some of the stronger songs and Kimmo and Annica just might be "good enough" to get to Stockholm… I guess it all depends on Semifinal 3.

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