Monday, February 01, 2016


Pää-äijät is two DJs (Juuso 'Julmari' Juntunen and Jan 'JaBa' Baas) from Lapland with bad sense of humour and Rural-Urban pop music. They have released a couple of singles before this that have gained some notoriety and radioplay in certain radio stations. They want to bring partymusic to Eurovision and everywhere; there's enough of sad, melancholy dark music around. They say they have glitter song, glitter performance and positive energy - they are ready for Eurovision stage. 
This blogger had never heard of them before #UMK2016 so I don't have any opinion of them....

Blogilkar: Maybe I should hate this but I don't. After all there's a tune. And it's a catchy one. When you hear it only it's much better than seeing it though. This is so easy to label as a joke entry and thinking of Eurovision this will be labeled as such just looking at their promo pic. A bit unfairly. The verses are a bit boring but the rest is party party party! 3/5

Jack: Is this a joke? Because if it is, it isn't a funny one. No further comment. 0/5

Peter: This goes direct into the song, though I'm not a fan of rap, it looks like a song that could have potential as a fun song. When it comes to this selection it's in the top half of the songs. It has a melody (of sorts), and I have no idea what they're talking about, but that's probably ok. Whether it gets through or not, it would be a song that would go down well at Eurocafé  3/5

Robert: There are some nice elements in this song: a catchy chorus/ Refrain, sung in Finnish but the beginning of the song I find a bit disturbing and agressive. Therefore a 3 for this song. But it is definitely a grower. It makes me move on my chair. 3/5

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