Saturday, April 01, 2017


Pictured national flower of Germany, conrnflower

After two last places in a row Germany decided to change their selection show. Auditions and 2.493 submissions later we had first 33 artists left (one of them curiously Nathan Trent who was then picked by Austrians to represent them), and finally five. To add some drama one of them Sadi was replaced. The national final had the weird and confusing combo of five singers but only two songs to choose. After various rounds we had only Levina left with both of those songs, and Perfect life was voted in the end. It's written by Lindsay Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Bassett. 

Isabella Lueen (25) aka Levina is a singer-songwriter and lives between Berlin and London, where she finished her studies at the King's Collage. She labels herself as soulful pop singer and enjoys musicals as well as working with DJs. Her debut album will be released just before Eurovision in Kyiv.

I wouldn't be surprised if Germany scored third last place. This song is so forgettable I wonder who is going to vote for it? When you hear it, it's kinda ok but leaves no trace whatsoever once it's over. All I can remember is the almost Alcazar quotation ("almost a sinner, nearly a saint") and even that comes across phony, and many fans say this is Titanium rip off. Personally I think she is a short of moody Poli Genova minus Poli's charisma and cheeky personality. Sadly she comes across as plain as her song. Very long three minutes.... 3/10

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