Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Pictured is Israel's national flower cyclamen

Israel used once again the talent show HaKokhav Haba l'Eurovizion to find the artist and then a committee searched for the suitable song for the winner. The selection process started January 2, 2017 and mid February we had the final four left. In the final Imri was still second to Diana Golbi in the first round but surpassed her in the last round. His song I feel alive was then released in March. It's written by Dolev Ram and Penn Hazut.

Imri Ziv (25) is no stranger to Eurovision stage as he has been the Israeli backing singer/dancer in the last two editions. He's of Romanian-Ukrainian origin and no stranger to talent shows either, having reached the battle stages in The Voice of Israel in 2012. He has also dubbed Trolls in Hebrew.

This is one of those songs that could be so much more. Upbeat dance song with inspirational lyrics, with ethnic vibe. But when the chorus comes it's a bit of an anticlimax instead of an explotion. I also wish they would have had a courage to throw in a bit more of that ethnic sound. Some say this is Golden boy 2 but I don't think so, All this said, if he gives a stellar vocal performance and the staging and choreograhy is good this will work live and could go quite far. This stands out from the rest anyways. I'd love to give a better score but for now 6/10. 

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