Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Pictured is the national flower of Greece, acanthus mollis

After some drama and confusion Greece in the end selected internally Demy for their artist this year, and the song This is love from three music videos she made to vote from, all collaborations with Eurovision veteran Dimitris Kontopoulos who was also internally selected as the songwriter. He's got help from Romy Papadea and John Ballard in this song. Kontopoulos has quite remarkable track at Eurovision: Belarus 2007, Ukraine 2008, Greece 2009, Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014 and Russia 2016. Each has placed between 2nd and 7th. So far.

Dimitra Papadea (25) aka Demy has been rumored and hoped by fans the Eurovision artist for Greece already several years. She has been around since 2011 and has released a string of solo singles and two albums. She has been also collaborating with several other artists featuring vocals here and there for their tracks both in Greek and in English. She has been also collecting awards every year since 2012 including Best new artist and Best Young female artist but the other awards are for her videos rather than vocals or songs. She was also the Best Greek act in MTV music awards 2013. She has also starred in musicals almost every year from Fame to Priscilla, Sound of Music and Addams Family and most recently Mamma mia

The song itself is Eurovision by numbers including all the possible clichés one can throw in in 3 minutes. It starts off as a ballad and then the standard beat comes along. Vocally she's lost in the middle and it's all so familiar you know exactly where the song is going - no surprises, no imagination nor any hook to make it special. And then fanboys love this and laugh at Siegel's efforts. That is not love. However 4/10 as it's so harmless and inoffensive. And kinda "nice". Greek diaspora and first time hearing televoters will send this to the final and maybe even top-10 there for all I know. 

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