Monday, April 17, 2017


Pictured is the national flower of Wales, daffodil

United Kingdom organized once again Eurovision: You decide, only this time they brought in also the juries. The songs were searched in various ways: open submission and OGAE members being part of the jury, inviting composers directly, seeking help from music industry big guns. In the end we had six songs to choose from. In the end Lucie Jones was declared the winner with Never give up on you, witten by the Danish Eurovision song contest winner Emmeli De Forest with The Treatment and Lawrie Martin.

Lucie Jones (26) comes from Cardiff and her first claim to fame is the X Factor 2009 where she finished 8th. After X Factor she signed a modelling contract but soon enough was starring in musicals in West End. Next came a Wonderbra campaign and then some more musicals, television and theatre. She has released one album (2015) and a few singles. 

Revamp. What an uglu word. I loved the live performance in the national final, with its simple staging, musical sound and her somewhat clumsy look. Less is more. She was fab and I fell in love with the song. Then came the video with the new "modern" arrangement and her model looks with a lot of make up and elaborated hairdos and fasionable looks. Somehow it didn't feel right. My hope is the staging and look in Kyiv will be more like in the national final than in the video. If BBC brings dancers and circus on stage I'm done. This is what I call one spotlight song. It's enough. Keep it simple. Less is more. 8/10 for the original version. Check it out after the jump....

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