Monday, April 03, 2017


Pictured is Serbia's national fruit plum in absence of a national flower

Serbia chose internally Tijana Bogićević, as well as her song In too deep written by international team Borislav Milanov, Joacim Bo Persson, Johan Alkenas and. Lisa Ann-Mari Linder. There's a curious rumour that this song was first picked up by Macedonia, who then have to give it to Serbia and pick up another song for reasons unknown. True or not, it's Macedonia's gain!

Tijana Bogićević (35) is one of those singers this year who moves from the Eurovision backing singer (in 2011) to the spotlight. She also tried to get to Eurovision already in 2009 competing in the national final finishing 17th out of 20. She has been around from 2001 as backing and studio singer, and being part in various groups. Now she come to Kyiv all the way from Boston where she now lives. Maybe it will be her big break finally?

This is another those midtempo female songs that promise a lot but deliver very little. This is apparently very modern, taking a clear clue from last year's Bulgaria's success, only failing to be modern in any way. Rather clichè I'd say. Unlike Poland's Kasia we are yet to see Tijana perform this live (when writing this at least. Ed.note) and the video isn't that interesting either so it's not looking so good. Another forgettable "nice" song that might be totally forgotten the time the voting starts. 3/10

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