Saturday, April 15, 2017


Pictured the Irish national flower, clover

Ireland skipped the national final after a string of disappointing results and hired Louis Walsh to find the winning entry before Sweden equals the Irish 7 wins. He came up with Brendan Murray, and the song was chosen among the 330 submission. Dying to try is written by Grammy nominated Swedish Jörgen Elofsson.

Brendan Murray (20) is a former member of a boyband Hometown. The band scored two #1s from their debut (and only) album between 2014-2016. In December they decided to take a break and next thing we know Brendan is doing Eurovision.... 

Brendan has a particular voice and I have nicknamed him the Irish Michele Bravi (as the Italian X Factor winner who made a fabulous comeback in Sanremo with Il diario degli errori, my favorite along with Occidentali's Karma). His song is a tender ballad that grows and grows to the climax with the choir. I love it everytime I hear it and if it's only 17th in my ranking it's only because the rest above is so good too. And only 7/10 right now but this could get more as well but when there's a ranking to do and scores to give what can you do?

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