Saturday, April 08, 2017


Pictured is Latvia's national flower daisy

Latvia had again its well working Supernova again as national selection and Triana Park made a comeback to the contest and ruled it from the beginning by winning its heat, then semifinal and finally the grand final with Line. The song is written by band members Agnese Rakovska, Kristaps Ērglis and Kristians Rakovskis.

Triana Park (aka Triānas Parks) is 6th time lucky as they have tried to get to Eurovision already in 2008-2012 every year. A little break made wonders and in 2017 they came back triumphant. The band's line up is Agnese Rakovska (lead vocals), Artūrs Strautiņš (guitar), Edgars Viļums (drums) and Kristaps Ērglis (bass). The band has been together since 2008 and well know for their previous national final performances and extravacant stage shows.  One album, one EP and a long string of singles to their credit they are ready to take on Europe.

This is very contemporary, a bit alternative yet something you could hear on radios and could be a hit. The music and her voice make me think of the latest Finnish sensation Alma. This said this is more visual fireworks than a great song but somehow it works and it's kinda nice to listen to. I have no idea how this will feature in Kyiv! 5/10

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