Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Pictured is Hungary's national flower tulip

Hungary continued with the highly succesful A Dal concept for the 6th time and once again managed to gather a very high class and variable lot of artists and songs. This year the process was made even more professional as all the artists had to have already a recording contract and a label, at least one album alreayd released or their music being played on Hungarian radio and television. 30 entries made the cut and through three heats and two semifinal we were down to eight finalists. Joci Pápai won the final round with televotes, having qualified on each step purely thanks to juries. His Origo is written by himself.

József "Joci" Pápai (35) is Hungarian singer, rapper and guitarist of Romani descent, and for the first time Hungary will bring their gipsy minority into spotlight in Eurovision, a fact that these times and days isn't so obvious. Joci interested in music at young age thanks to his brother and came to fame already 2005 in the reality series Megasztár, even if he didn't get that far in the show. The year after he was featured in rapper Majka's hit single, and the collaboration continued over the years with several singles and Joci was featured also in other collaboration with Caramel. 

Now this was love at first sight. Or hearing. I'm a sucker for some ethnic vibes and here they are perfect. This in exciting, interesting yet modern and catchy. I don't understand a word but it doesn't matter as I still believe every word and feel the pain. He's voice is hypnotic, the beat is fresh and even the rapping fits in and sounds great and not at all out of place or annoying. Love it. Every second of it. So much that this is the only song I was listening a lot already way before the Hungarian final but honestly I never thought it would win and that it would only remain my own national final favorite. How wrong I was!  10/10

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