Sunday, April 09, 2017


Pictured is Ukraine's national flower sunflower

Ukraine had a long selection process in various stages to find out who will do the honors on home soil in Kyiv in May. First there was an online wildcard submission already from September. Auditions were held all over the country and other entries were picked by submissions. In the end we had 24 songs for the semifinal, and then six for the final. It all ended with a tie. O.Torvald was both jury's and televoters second, while Tayanna won the jury but was only third with televoters where Melovin took the victory. And then it was declared O.Torvald's Time is the winner.

O.Torvald is a rockband that has been together in various formations since 2005. The current members are Yevhen Halych (vocals, guitar), Denys Myzyuk (guitar, backing vocals), Oleksandr Solokha (drums), Mykyta Vasylʹyev (bass) аnd Mykola Rayda (piano, DJ). Only the first two are original members. They have already released six albums and one EP, and have performed in many major rock festivals in the region.

Just like in 2005 after their win Ukraine has chosen "something else" for the Eurovision; back then it was rap/hiphop resulting their worst placing ever when Razom nas bahato only managed 19th place but I actually did like it. The history could be repeating this year, but this time two facts may work for their benefit: this is pretty much the only rock entry this year and then the political situation (but is it pro or against come May remains to be seen). Did you notice O.Torvalds are dressed like Greenjolly's dancers? :-o This is a very melodic pop rock, could be The Rasmus track really. 5/10 for now but I have a feeling this will climb up my ranking step by step when I might get bored with the poppier entries. Maybe.

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