Friday, April 14, 2017


Pictured is Malta's national flower, Maltese centaury

Eurovision in Malta is as popular as ever and 156 songs were submitted this year. First they were cut to 60, and then directly to 16 cutting the usual semifinals this time. In the end it was a close run with two songs: Maltese language Kewkba by Janice Mangion and Breathlessly by veteran Claudia Faniello who won in the end with 4.996 calls against 4.544. This was Claudia's 11th song and 9th year she participated. She must have been whispering breathlessly finally! The song is written by Philip Vella, Sean Vella and Gerard James Borg. They have too many songs in the competition already to even mention them.....

Claudia Faniello (29) was known for years only as Fabrizio Faniello's little sister but she has grown over the years a star of her own right with a very original sound. She's been a familiar figure in Maltese television, competitions and festivals since she was 12. She won Festival Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2006, the other major Maltese song festival. In Malta Eurovision she has been a runner up twice (in 2008 when she was also 3rd) and in 2012. She has released one album so far (2010) and countless singles since 2006. Now it's her time to shine and maybe outdo her brother, at least in his second participation (24th in 2006). The first one (9th/2001) will be a bit harder but not impossible.

This is one of those songs that come alive big time live (just check the live performance after the jump). Claudia is stunning sight and voclaly memorable, if she delivers when it counts. Hopefully in Kyiv they keep it simple and rely on the power of her. This is a classic beautiful ballad just like Slovenia and equally underrated by the fans. I must admit this has fallen on my ranking but then again when I hear it I love it. The general public will hear this for the first time on stage in Kyiv anayways and if she delivers, she should qualify with ease. 7/10

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