Sunday, April 02, 2017


Pictures the national flower of Poland, poppy

Kasia Moś won the Polish national final Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 with Flashlight. She was jury's favorite and televoters placed her second. She has co-written the song with Pete Baringger and Rickard Bonde Truumeel.

Katarzyna "Kasia" Moś (30) is yet another "third time lucky" Eurovision wanna be having tried already in 2006 and last year. She has studied at Frederic Chopin music schhol has a degree in both cello and piano, and also jazz and contemporary music. She has worked her way through various music groups, projects and talent shows and ended up in Los Angeles in Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue for a couple of years. Her debut album came out in 2015.

Flashlight is one of the many midtempo female songs that are apparently rather modern here in the bottom of my ranking list. I kinda like it when I hear it but then after it's soon forgotten. It doesn't crab me in any way. But this is one of those songs that can come alive when performed well live nd come across the TV screen well so I suppose Poland will be doing reasonably well also this year (and then we forgotten again). 3/10

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