Sunday, April 23, 2017


Francesco Gabbani's hot Eurovision winning candidate Occidentali's Karma is still gathering an average of nearly 900.000 daily views on Vevo and has entered already the all time Italian music videos top-10 (besides being the already the most watched Eurovision video ever in overal) with over 99 million views when writing this on Sunday midday April 23. At this rate he will be the number one by midsummer but as the average views will surely be more during Eurovision and right after it, it will most propably happen sooner.... :-)
But how have the other Italian entries featured in this chart? Here are their positions when writing this:

#9 Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani 99.020.953 (daily average 879.250)
#11 Grande amore - Il Volo  86.970.984 (64.929)
#19 L'Essenziale - Marco Mengoni 48.200.124 (32,655)
#64 Nessun grado di separazione - Francesco Michielin 25.594.696 (11.756)

Marco Mengoni has two videos with more views than L'Essenziale, and a total of 9 videos in top-200. Also Francesca Michielin has one video doing better than her Eurovision one. Emma has a total of 8 videos included, but not her Eurovision one. Il Volo has 4 videos (all in top.100)

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