Saturday, April 22, 2017


Pictured is the Swedish national flower, linnaea borealis aka twin flower

Sweden once again used Melodifestivalen, the mother of all national selection marathons to select its song. 2.478 songs were submitted, more were invited and in the end 28 were chosen for the semifinals and six weeks later after the usual four semisi and the second chance round we had lost three previous Eurovision winners in the process, as well as Finland's ex-entrant Krista Siegfrids and Robin Bengtsson was vrowded the new king with his I can't go on, written by David Kreuger, Hamed 'K-One' Pirouzpanah and previous Eurovision entrant Robin Stjernberg. He was the clear favorite of the international juries, but Swedish televoters placed him only third....

Robin Bengtsson (26) started his career back in 2008 in the Idols, where he placed third behind Maltese Kevin Borg, and Alice Svensson who also took part in this Meloifestivalen (but didn't make it past her semi). Then he did WipeOut and and got to Melodifestivalen last year and placed 5th. He has released one album to date, but a string of singles since 2008, both soo and as featured artist. He has also participated in a couple of charity singles. 

What to say? This might be a bit too high on my ranking but I do like this. The staging works wonders and this will be an awesome opener for the Eurovision 2017 when he starts ti backstage and emerges to the stage later and starts running with his dancers/singers. This is Sweden so they have already fixed any lack of vocals by changing two dancers to ones with a voice plus he will have a back up singer who concentrates only on that and leaves the running to others so no worries in that department. Not the best song in the universe, but it's catchy, memorable and great arrangement. I wouldn't be surprised if Sweden scores another medal this year.... Nothing less than top-5 would be surprising. 9/10

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