Saturday, April 15, 2017


In absense of a national flower, pictured is buta ornament

Azerbaijan chose internally Dihaj as their represent and then the song was searched for her. Skeletons is written by Azeri Isa Melikov and Swedish Sandra Bjurman, who has already co-written the Azeri entries 2010-2012, incluing the Eurovision winner Running scared.

Dihaj aka Diana Hajiyeva (27) is a singer-songwriter and lead singer in her band DiHaj. She has graduated from the Baku Academy of Music. Back in 2011 she already tried to get to Eurovision placng 4th in her quarter final. In the same selection we had Farid Mammadov (10th in his QF) and Sabina Babayeva (3rd in her QF) among others. Dihaj has released so far four singles before this entry since 2014, and is know for a bit alternative look and sound.

When I first heard this I was loving it to bits like mnay others, and we should take this in consideration as most voters on the big night will hear this for the first time. Further listenings dropped it a bit on the list but I love the atmosphere and it's very catchy. The atmosphere they manage to create on stage will be crucial as if they manage to keep up with the same intensivity they have in the video this can go very far. This is not the typical Eurovision tune one always fear when it's a shopped affair. Well done, Azerbaijan. Interesting, exciting and fresh. Once again "only" 16th as to be honest, my top-20 is very even and one needs to make some ranking.... 8/10

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