Monday, April 24, 2017


Pictured is the national flower of Motenegro, mimosa

Montenegro is seeking for their third final place this year with something else. They internally chose Slavko Kalezić and his outrageous character and song Space, written by  Adis Eminić, Iva Boršić and Momčilo Zeković. This seems to be the most divisive entry of the year, but at least it won't go unnoticed....

Slavko Kalezić (31) is actor, singer and songwriter. He has studied in the Academy of Perfmorning arts and is part of the Montenegrin national theatre. He has appered both on stage and in film in various productions. His singing career started in 2011, and two years later he tried his luck in X Factor Adria. He made it all the way to the judge's house mentored by Eurovision veteran Željko Joksimović assisted by another veteran Toni Cetinski. This didn't stop him and the year after he released his debut album. A few singles has followed and now he's here. Clearly he has created a character in true Lordi/Verka/Silvia Night style....

Where to start? The first reaction to this was giggles. And then wanting to hear and watch the video again. And again. The song itself is incredibly catchy and horny. As in having those horns in the arrangements that I love. Divine and retro. The very broken English in the first line might be intentional just to annoy and displace us as it disappears once the chorus kicks in. The video is wonderfully over the top and this whole affair is one big Eurovision cliché, in a good way. But... after seeing him live in various promo events (he has been literally everywhere!) the performance has been even a bit too over the top. I hope he keeps it under control in Kyiv and gives us an amazing staging and a bit more seriousness in the performance, less outrageous is more, and we might have a surprise in our hands. I must say I'm rather puzzled how come this is doing so bad in various fan polls, I thought they'd love it. Oh hang on, ah yes.... this is not the Swedish entry. If it was it'd be on top battling it out with Italy. Now it's just some random Montenegro.... Sad. 10/10

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