Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Pictured is Switzerland's national flower edelweiss

Switzerland has been the last in the semifinal for two years now. Only two finals in the ast two years, and even in one of them last. No wonder they decided to revamp the whole selecton process and instead of each broadcaster selecting their own entrants they joined forces already in the first phase. 160 songs were submitted and they had to have a connection to Switzerland - instead of the previously insane open internet submission to anyone. A special jury chose around 20 entries to the live auditions, and then six were chosen for the national final, where only televote ruled. In the end of this Timebelle won with Apollo, written by Elias Näslin, Nicolas Günthardt and Alessandra Günthardt.

Timebelle, who already was a runner up in the Swiss selection in 2015, currently is a trio made of Miruna Mănescu (vocals), Samuel Forster (drums) and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu (multi-instrumentalist). The band was originally a five piece boyband, and Romanian Miruna was added later and is now leading the project. They have released one album so far and three singles before Apollo

Thank heavens Swiss had the common sense to change their selection method. I like this. Period. The melody is catchy and captivating. I like her voice and her way of singing fits this song perfectly. She's stunning also in the looks department. The whole affair sounds familiar and reminds me of many artists and songs, but yet it is kinda original and I simply can't put my finger why and where it sounds familiar. This could, and should be heading to same kind of result as Sebalter in 2014, or even better. And to be honest, I think these two are the only two decent songs from Switzerland for ages. 9/10

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