Thursday, April 13, 2017


Where to start? Francesco Gabbani broke two record in Italy immediately after his Sanremo victory: the first ever artist to win both categories within two years: Newcomers with Amen in 2016, and the main category with Occidentali's karma in 2017. Within hours his video became the most watched Italian video on Vevo ever in 24 hrs period. Then the video became in less than two months the most watched Eurovision entry video EVER in Youtube passing Il Volo's previous record on 86 million. When writing this it stands at 90,6 million. Meanwhile the song topped all possible charts in Italy and has sold already triple platinum. It entered the iTunes charts in 15 countries right after Sanremo and currently is played on radios in over 30 countries. 
Now in mid April, a month before the final betting offices are giving him the lowest odds ever seen before the rehearsals start, below 2.0. If you thought Loreen or Alexander Rybak were clear pre-contest favorites... they never had odds this low. What else is there to break now? The highest ever points in the contest come May? Being the first to win both televotes and the jury vote since the new system of voting was launched? 
Meanwhile he's prepairing for the promotion tour of his new album Magellano to be released on April 28: he will be in signing autographs and meeting fans in Milan (April 28), Marina di Carrara (April 29), Lonato (April 30), Roma (May 1, and also performing in the concertone, maybe he will break the audience record there, too?), Campi Bisenzio (May 2) and Turin (May 3). 
On May 4 he will be on his way to Kyiv where the rehearsals start for him on May 5. Here's the Italian rehearsal schedule besides the dress rehearsals:

May 5: First rehearsal on stage 15.40-16.10 (closed)
Press meet & greet 18.05-18.25
May 7: Second rehearsal on stage 10.25-10.45 (open)
Press meet & greet 11.30-11.50
May 12: Official press conference 19.25-19.45

I suppose he hopes it would be Eternamente ora (Always now)

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